Rings - favorites among jewelery

Every woman prefers to wear this jewelry, so they never go out of fashion. Rings attract attention to your hands, because jewelry looks expensive and noble. The accessory is appropriate in any situation, if it corresponds to the style of clothing of the owner. Rings can be massive, refined, tiny. Introducing the final touch in the completion of the image, give it a special elegance. Are you going to wear items daily? Buy those in which it will be convenient.

Charming power necklace

Like clothing, this decoration can visually change the perception of the growth of the owner. An extended version of the product visually pulls the figure. A pendant or pendant enhances this effect by hanging below the bust, but not further than the waistline. You will look taller if you wear a V-necklace or Y-necklace. Sometimes tall women want to create a visual effect to appear lower. In such a case, round-shaped jewelery will suit well; they should not hang down; the pendant should be placed in the jugular region.

You should not choose a massive necklace miniature women. But large links and stones will decorate the owner of a tall endomorphic physique.

Earrings: Selection Criteria

When choosing these jewelry should take into account the shape of the face. Earrings can both reduce and enlarge the features. An important aspect of the purchase is the age of the future owner and her temperament. It should strictly understand the purpose of the jewelry - for everyday wear or evening activities. In the women's box there is always a place for new earrings.
Pusety is absolutely suitable for all women and girls, the features and shape of the face do not matter here. Young ladies should not choose products with large stones. Wearing such earrings is appropriate both in the office and at evening events. It is worth considering that too small studs visually enlarge the lobe, very large ones change the proportions of the ear. These secrets can be used to hide small flaws.
The color of the stones in the earrings should not suppress the shade of the eyes. Inlay plays favorably in the image, if it emphasizes the owner's iris and is combined with skin and hair. Earrings with sapphire, topaz, ruby, turquoise are perfect for blue-eyed women of the weaker sex. Owners of brown eyes should look at jewelry with pomegranate, emerald, amber, diamond, pearls. Gray iris favorably shade tourmaline, amethyst, opal. Emerald, malachite, beryl, agate, chrysolite are ideal for green-eyed women.